Test Your Marriage with a New Recipe (Washoku Wednesday 5)

Test Your Marriage with a New Recipe (Washoku Wednesday 5)

Don’t be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I wrote earlier about my plan to cook Japanese every week and blog about it as I did so – a crazy thing to do since I still post only once a week and like to write about other topics.

But sanity arrived with the new year, one in which I’m limiting posts on Japanese food to once a month.

So, with a nod to my husband who has agreed to continue on as guinea pig for another season of my experiments in Japanese cooking, here is a short tour of the Washoku` dishes I’ve prepared most recently.

In the beginning of January, it was all good.

More mochi . . .

Delicious Daikon

Delicious Daikon

It is said that in Japan there are four thousand different kinds of tsukemono and over one hundred different techniques for making them. ~ Donald Richie


In Japan, one eats tsukemono – Japanese pickles – during every meal, before meals as an appetizer, between meals as a snack. Between bites to clear the palate for other foods.

So it makes perfect sense that you can find pickled versions of virtually every kind of food in Japanese cuisine including fish, seeds, eggs, fruit, vegetables. And cherry blossoms!

However, pickled vegetables remain the kind of tsukemono most often consumed today just as years ago when they were the only vegetables available to Japanese country and mountain dwellers in the wintertime.

Carrots, turnips, nasu (eggplant), and kyuri (cucumber), are some of the many vegetables used for tsukemono. Daikon is one of of the crispest and spiciest of these. And it has many health benefits: [Read more…]