Good Eats Review: Chocolate Affair 2014

Good Eats Review: Chocolate Affair 2014

The right choice is hardly ever the easy choice. ~ Rick Riordan           

Found a few right choices at the Chocolate Affair 2014 in El Paso.

Lots of chocolate samples from bakeries, caterers, and chocolate shops throughout the city all in one place for one night. Lots of people in long lines, too ~ might have scared me off if I hadn’t paid in advance.

But the lines moved fast enough and the beautiful weather, live music, and friendly crowds made waiting easy.

Besides, chocolate, my reason for being there, was everywhere.

Like fruit and marshmallows made chocolaty under a chocolate fountain.

Choco-covered sweets

And brownies. One had hints of peppermint and a texture like silk. When it dissolved in my mouth, I almost dissolved with it.


Several bite-sized sweets promised big chocolate taste. My favorites? A choco and almond-covered cherry and a “cocoa bubble” made with cacao, chocolate, and pecans.

Bite-sized sweets

Doesn’t this disk with creamy chocolate filling look elegant? Good with coffee or mint tea.

Chocolate (disk) truffle

You gotta get to El Paso and taste these velvety chocolate cake truffles for yourself. The splash of heat from the cinnamon and chipotle in the cake with the smoked sea salt topping surprised me, in a good way. Unlike any chocolate truffle I’ve ever tasted. More please!

Choco cake truffles

Sampled other goodies like chocolate ice cream I had to eat on the spot, but these are the highlights. Time for a cuppa with my remaining choco-cake truffle, so I’ll pop the question:

If you attended this chocolate sampling event or another recently, what were some of your favorites?


Chocolate@Choco Affair 2014


Chocolate Product Credits: Photo 1 ~ Deligance Sensations fruit and A Sweet Temptation marshmallow; Photo 2 ~ left to right, Sharp Cookie mint brownie and The Pastry Chef brownie; Photo 3 ~ clockwise from left, Fudge N More cherry, Cupcakeable cupcake, and Orange Peel Pastries cocoa bubble; Photo 4 ~ Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, El Paso disk truffle; Photo 5 ~ Sweet Addiction cinnamon chipotle choco cake truffles.



  • Melissa

    You had me at chocolate, friend. I did a chocolate taste tour in Boston last year. What. A. Treat. All sorts of good memories as I read through your post! Love it!

    • Melodie

      This is the season! Chocolate events are taking place in major cities throughout the country right now ~ maybe you’ll treat yourself again this year?