Good Eats Review: ¡Ándele! Restaurante

Good Eats Review: ¡Ándele! Restaurante

Burritos are proof God loves us. ~ Blake Stratton

Have you noticed? There’s something about the colors of red, green, and white; good things happen nearly every time you see them together.

They’re Christmas colors. And the national colors of two countries with amazing food, Italy and Mexico.

It was the latter case yesterday, when they came together in a bowl of pico de gallo ~ the start of another great meal at ¡Ándele!.

The restaurant has been a favorite since even before we moved to Las Cruces ~ we stayed in Mesilla during one of our pre-relocation trips ~ and pico is one of my all time favorite salsas.

Andele’s salsa bar offers chipotletraditional, chile de árbol, and a tomatillo & jalapeño salsa, too. I scooped up some chile de árbol along with the picowent back to the booth to munch.


My order of a carne adovada burrito arrived not long after, smothered in green chile sauce and cheese.

Always with the green chile sauce, this girl.

Carne adovada burrito

Carne adovada with green sauce gives you the best of two worlds.

Your green chile sauce is on top & all around. And inside the tortilla, you’ve got shredded pork sautéed in red chile.

Carne adovada burrito closeup

I had enchiladas the last time I was here. Enchiladas with green chile sauce. Green (Chicken) Enchiladas

¡Ándele! green chile sauce is a phenom.

Another thing I love is not everything is hot, hot. Focus is on the flavor and not the burn.

Even my tender-tongued husband, who dined with me that day, found his sweet spot with the Tacos al Carbon. The menu described MARINATED BEEF, FLAME-BROILED ON AN OPEN WOOD FIRE and delivered on the promise along with a side of bodacious pinto beans.

Tacos al Carbon con Frijoles Charros

We both ordered from the “senior’s menu” which makes available smaller portions at smaller prices ~ whether you’re a senior or not. Senior's Menu @ Andele's


After I had packed up the leftover portion of my burrito to take home ~ that sucker was as big as it was beautiful~ I accepted the invitation of my excellent server, Ashley ~

Sensational Server, Ashley @ Andele's

~ to pick up a complimentary package of fresh tortillas at the ¡Ándele! Tortilleria.

Andele's Tortilleria

That’s where I heard the amazing story behind this amazing food. Where I learned the owners of this multi-generational family business are not of Mexican ancestry but Americans with roots in Germany who set their minds on making great Mexican food ~ and nailed it.

You never tire of the art that comes from this level of savvy and heart. It’s why I looking forward to visiting the ¡Ándele! Dog House for a Mexican-style hot dog.

I’ve liked hot dogs since my first Nathan’s in Coney Island. But a hot dog covered in green chile sauce  . . . you know it’s gonna taste off the chart.

What old faithful dish or condiment almost always finds its way to your plate?

Andele's, 1950 Calle de Norte, Mesilla, NM ~ 575.526.9631 ~ Mon 8a-2:30, T-Sun 8a-9p

Andele’s, 1950 Calle de Norte, Mesilla, NM ~ 575.526.9631 ~ Mon 8a-2:30, T-Sun 8a-9p

  • Sherry Carver

    Oh how we wish we had a little corner place with excellent Mexican Food — love the back story about the owners — who would have thought? I don’t think there is anything better than fresh tortillas —

    • MelodieK

      . . . fresh tortillas still fragrant with lime need only a little salt . . . and :) !

  • Neva Fels

    That really cracked me up that a German family would become great cooks of a different ethnic food. How interesting that they didn’t try to merge German recipes with the local cuisine.

    • MelodieK

      That’s an idea, Neva . . . perhaps the Ándele Dog House is their way of merging the German tradition of great frankfurters (and other sausages) with Mexican flavors.