A Sweet and Salty Evening at the Market

A Sweet and Salty Evening at the Market

One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating. ~ Luciano Pavarotti

My recommendation for an inexpensive and DELICIOUS gift for your foodie friend ~ a bag of kettle corn from vendors at the downtown market in Las Cruces.

Even a portion of the LARGE $7 bag will do. (Wrapped up in a cute box, of course.)

It’s the first thing we bought the other night at Evening at the Market

Me, L., & my Kettle Korn

Here’s what else looked good:

Cotton Candy Cart

The sight of this guy and his COTTON CANDY wagon brought early childhood memories of Coney Island back to the both of us.

That’s where my cousins and I stuffed our faces with popcorn between trips on the Wonder Wheel, a spinning teacup ride, and the merry-go-round.

I never did call it a “carousel” . . . did you?

Come snack-time, whether I’d stand in line for a hot dog from Nathan’s or fried frogs legs was a toss-up.  

But the day always ended with an order of the soft, sticky, sweet stuff.

Amazing how I could make it disappear . . . a touch of my tongue, and it was gone!

L. said he remembered only the sticky sweetness, but I’m sure he knew how to work the magic back then, too.

At BakeHouse Bagels & Bialys,

I found out owner, Kathy Hester, once lived in my hometown of Brooklyn.

Bakehouse Bagels

Yiayia’s Greek Pastry.

I moved closer to investigate as soon as I saw the sign. The words promised so much . . .

YiaYia's Greek Pastry Stand

But I got distracted.

WHAT WAS THAT WONDERFUL SMELL?  Burgers? Steaks? . . .


The sweet aroma of char-broiled beef led me to the Main Street Bistro.

The place was alive with people eating, talking, drinking.  

Main Street Bistro

Wanted to continue my wanderings around outside, visiting the stalls so we didn’t go in . . . this time.

But promised myself, like “The Arnold”: I’LL BE BACK! 

Here’s who else was there:

The sidewalk, like Main Street Bistro, was teeming with people, so we bumped into more than a few familiar faces.

Like Braden Tidwell of the Las Cruces Sun-News, jewelry designer Candice Rance, and Braden’s children, Tyler and Abilyn. 

Candice, Braden & Family

And, later, Henk Roelant and his wife, Liz, fitness trainer and yoga instructor at the Las Cruces Regional Aquatic Center. 

Henk & Liz

The four of us wound up the night together listening to the Cherry Red band and watching acrobats dancing with fire.

Time flew by.

Cherry Red & Paul Kimball

Fire Dancer

Is there still time for you to check out Evenings at the Market?

Oh, yes.

More stellar munchies, local art, music, and fire-twirling are to come on July 9th, August 13th, and September 10th. 

The fact that all the dates are second Wednesdays makes it easy to remember.

The cooler evening weather and ample parking make it easy to go. 

If you can’t make it to Cruces, surely there is an evening market event scheduled soon at a city near you . . . it’s summer!

Wherever you end up, look for the kettle corn . . . and let me know whether you went for the “caramel” or “sweet and salty.” 

What ultimate family outing(s) do you remember most from your childhood?

Bowl of Kettle Korn


  • Sherry Carver

    Love this — I wish every city had a community gathering like this during the summer! I remember Sundays in Long Beach, California going to the pier where the fresh catch was coming in — smoked salmon was a favorite. Of course, as kids, all we wanted to do was go to the Pike which had a roller coaster over the ocean, the most amazingly fast carousel and rides for ten cents. Uh oh, I think the ten cents is showing my age!

    • MelodieK

      Hi, Sherry! ~ Would have liked to have ridden that roller coaster with you ~ thrills and a fantastic view combined! Know I’d be hoarse from screaming by the time we got off, but ready to go back on again! Showing your age, younger or older, is neither here or there. But noticed you’re in the “carousel’ (vs. “merry-go-round”) camp . . . now THAT is classy.

  • http://www.jenniferhester.com/ Jenny Hester

    Melodie – Another outstanding post. I love the colors and photos. My family loves strolling the streets of these outdoor summer festivals. This is where great family memories are made.

    • MelodieK

      Love that word . . . “strolling.” As couples, families, with our friends – or even on our own, we don’t stroll enough. It’s easy to let go and experience the joy of unhurriedness at an event like this. There is something for everyone – eats, art, hooking up with old friends and making new ones.

  • http://mjskitchen.com/ mjskit

    What a fun night at the market!!! Looks more like a carnival with all of the mix of activities. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog! It’s nice to meet another New Mexico blogger! Hope we’ll be seeing more of each other.

    • MelodieK

      Delighted to stay in touch, MJ, and follow your blog, where I’m learning delicious ways to work our regional cuisine.

      About the market . . . it FELT like a carnival, without the rides. Though we saw one woman who had come with her own “ride” . . . a hula hoop actually ~ and she was pretty good with it, too!